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Meet the Richards


Our History

    In 1953, James Richard Sr. and Mary Richard had the idea of starting their own road-side farmers market. They started off by pulling a wagon to the end of their driveway and began selling peaches and apples.

     Once they had enough customers, James built a little shed that would replace the wagon. They ran a successful little stand, so much so that they became a traffic hazard! James knew then that would have to expand once more. He built the farmers market that is still being used today.


James and Mary had two children Debbie and James Jr. (also known as Eddie). The farmers market has come a long way from only selling apples and peaches to the variety of goodies they offer today. The market is still owned & operated by Eddie and his daughter Kayla.

Mary Alice Richard passed away April 7, 2022. Her memory lives on in her son and granddaughter as they continue her work in the fruit market. 

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